Faith is very important. Everybody needs faith because faith is just like the light, leading people to move on when they are in the dark. My faith is never give up and the hard time will go anyway. It helps me overcome many difficulties and makes me who I am today. 信念是很重要的。每个人都需要信念,因为信念就如灯光,引领着人们在黑暗中前进。我的信念就是永不言弃,艰难的时刻总会过去。信念帮助我克服很多困难,成就了今天的我。 Life is not always going our way. We will meet all kinds of difficulties. When we are students, we have the study issues, we always want to do the best and make our parents be proud of us. But it is not easy, we may fail the exam now and then. When we become independent, we have to face the problem of making our living. Most people will change their jobs many times until they find the suitable one. 生活不总是按照我们的意愿走。我们会遇到各种各样的困难。当我们是学生的时候,会有学习的烦恼,我们总是想要做得,让父母为我们感到自豪。但是这不容易做到,我们可能会时而不时地考砸。当我们变得独立,就要面对生存的问题。大部分人会换工作,直到他们找到合适的。 I had faith when I was in high school, I realize no matter how hard I work, I just could not be successful all the time. So I told myself not to give up and I would see the light soon. Thanks to this faith, I become a tough girl. I am so proud of myself. 在高中的时候,我就有信念, 我意识到无论我多么努力学习,都不可能一直成功。因此我告诉自己不要放弃,很快就能看到胜利之光。多亏了这样的信念,我成为了一个坚强的女孩。我为自己感到自豪


  It is true that nobody can live the perfect life, because we will meet all kinds of difficulties. The one who can handle the problems well will be the winner. I have strong faith that I will never give up no matter what kind of difficulty I meet. Once, I was not good at English, and I felt so frustrated when I saw my classmates got high mark. Then I decided to spend more time to learn it well day by day. Now I have made great progress and I even do better than a lot of students. I am so proud of myself, because I do not give up.



  Belief, a creation of human s wise , always plays an important role in human s society. As a say goes: If one s mind is full, it won t be filled in any bad idea. Anyone who has strong beliefs can enjoy a colorful life. Otherwise, he will lose himself in his way of life.  Beliefs are so important that it can change one s fate. Two little mice fell in a bucket of cream. The first mouse quickly gave up and drowned. The second mouse wouldn t quit. He struggled so hard that eventually he churned that cream into butter and crawled out.  Obviously, the latter mouse is the one who has his own beliefs. There are always hopes in his eyes that encourage him to fight, and fight, and fight. He never gives up when he is in some difficulty situations. Because the optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty, while the pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity. The first mouse is one of these kinds of pessimists. He holds no belief in his life and become the slave of his fate.  Thus, it can be seen that one with firm beliefs is likely to get successful and master his own life.  信仰,一个人类智慧的创造,总是在人类社会中起着重要的作用。一个说:如果一个人的心是完整的,它不会被填充任何坏主意。谁有强烈的信念可以享受多姿多彩的生活。否则,他将失去他自己的生活方式。  信念是很重要的,它可以改变一个人的命运。两只小老鼠掉进了一桶奶油。第一只老鼠很快就放弃了。第二只老鼠不会放弃。他一直努力,最终他将奶油搅成了黄油,爬了出来。  显然,后者鼠标的人有自己的信仰。总是有希望在他的眼睛,鼓励他去战斗,战斗,战斗。他从不放弃,当他在一些困难的情况。因为乐观者在每个困难中看到机遇,而悲观者在每个机会中看到困难。第一个鼠标是一种新型的悲观主义者。他没有在他的生活的信念,成为自己命运的奴隶。  因此,可以看出,一个坚定的信仰是有可能获得成功,掌握自己的生活。


  This passage tells us that Monty Roberts, who had such strong belief that he stuck to his dream all the time, eventually succeeded in owning a horse ranch.  Belief always plays an important role in our life. Those who stick to their belief will do what they can to achieve success. They may come across difficulties, but they have enough courage to overcome them and even if they fail, they can learn something . On the contrary, those without strong belief might succeed if lucky. However, once difficulties arise, they will give up easily and become a complete failure.  Belief is so important that it can change one’s fate. J.K Rowling, one of the richest women in England now, is a good example. Before Harry Potter was pulished, she lived a very poor life. She was divorced and had no job. However, hard life didn’t beat her. She firmly believed that she was a genius for writing stories . With such strong belief, she kept writing and succeeded. Another good examle is Adison. How could he have invented the light bulb, if he hadn’t done the experiment for 10001 times?  From my point of view, life is not full of roses , so those with firmly-held belief are more likely to get successful and master their own fates.


  on january 29th, the first day of the chinese year, grandma took me to the yade buddha temple to pray for being able to have a lucky year.

  the whole city was dipped in warm light, when we arrived. god! i hardly made out this temple because the whole block was filled with people. we could move our feet just a little at a time. now you may have the idea how many people there were. but it was amazing that the crowd was so quiet. worshippers, one by one, seriously knelt down before the statue of the buddha.

  i thought that i hadn’t done anything as earnestly as them when i saw those worshippers praying so devoutly. everyone kept quiet, closed his eyes. i seemed like that there was only him in this world. i was shocked. from them, i felt the strength of belief. i learnt that not only the belief of the buddhism, but also the beliefs of all the beautiful things can enable us to be successful. once we get our belief, the eternal spirit shall help us overcome all the difficulties we might meet with.

  i raised my head and saw the buddha smiling to me so mystically.